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All cores must be in acceptable cosmetic condition, per Criteria outlined below, with original body and no external damage.  Ampro Diesel is not responsible for any damage caused during transit of Core Return.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping, handling, insurance, tariffs and taxes, and all other similar associated costs and charges.

Core Acceptability Criteria are: 

-Cores from vehicles applications with are not supplied by Ampro Diesel will receive not credit

-Cores must be a complete unit and not disassembling

-Cores must contain all external and internal parts in good condition( including solenoid dividers, electrical connecting studs, nozzles, etc )

- cores must be 'like for like' (same as what was purchased)
- cores must be in original condition, and damage free
- cores must contain all internal components
- cores must be returned within 30 days of product ship-out date. Cores received after 30 days may be eligible for a partial refund

-Cores can send in advance

-Cores that damaged by non-operation causes such as rough handling, fire, misuse, modification, abuse or improper removal are not acceptable

The following will result in denial or partial credit of Core Charge:
- cores are not 'like for like' (not the same injector as what was purchased)
- cores are damaged (Buyer is responsible for transit damage) 
- broken/missing solenoid dividers
- broken/missing electrical connecting studs
- missing/damaged nozzles
- missing external components
- missing internal components
- core tampering or suspected disassembly/assembly
- cores are returned past 30 days of product ship-out date




Our warranty is limited to the replacement or repair parts found defective by a specialist and shall in no event liable for consequential damages for the cost of labor or transportation related with the replacement of defective parts. The oil supply line must be replaced with original parts to maintain a valid warranty with proof of purchase for oil supply line. We are not responsible for communication expenses, towing costs, meals, cargo damaged, lost profits and transportation costs incurred as a result of warrantable failure. We are not responsible for failures resulting from operator or customer abuse, neglect including operation without adequate coolant or lubricants, warm up, run in or shutdown practices. We are not responsible for damage to the engine or turbocharger or any other damage or parts of the vehicle that is damaged on the vehicle leaves our workshop and that is not exactly the work carried out by us on the vehicle.

The warranty covers any defects in manufacture. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the products and for the period of time specified in your purchase and in your original invoice being effective the date of your purchase.

If during the warranty period any product fails to function ( not for outside damaged, improper installation or contaminated fuel or oil, not by dirt, water or rust) determinate by a specialist we will repair or replace the defective part.

All warranty claims are subject to prior approval, you must contact us by email at and/or by phone at the number provided on our site. When we approve your warranty claim we provide you the authorization for sending the products to us for evaluation. You are responsible for all costs associated with shipping the products to us. Depending on the results of our testing you may need to pay for us to ship the products back to you. We are not responsible for any damaged caused by shipping. We do not store indefinitely the products you voluntarily send to us for testing. It is the original purchaser's responsibility to communicate with us regarding the results of the testing and to pay any testing fees owed.

We will hold the products for 30 days from the date we receive the products from you.( Holding Period) we can communicate with you by phone or email for the testing results and if any fee applies. If we not heard from you and fees remain unpaid after 30 days of Holding Period you will loose right of possession over the products and we reserve the right to dispose of use, reuse or resell the abandoned products.

If as a result of the warranty test, the test carried out by a specialist verify that the product does not present any manufacturing defect a fee will be will be returned to you and you will pay for shipping.

We are not responsible and we do not cover in our warranty any damaged to products caused by contaminated fuel, improper installation, incorrect application, external damaged, contaminated oil, dirt, water, rust or any other influence or third party. Disassembling or tampering with the product will void the warranty, also, testing or checking the operation of the product with a third party or making any adjustment to the products void the warranty.

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